The Benefits Of Website Development In Auckland

The website development in Auckland company known as Geek Free are specialists in web design that offer the services of assisting local based business owners to generate the best results online. Geek Free understands that the majority of business owners prefer to focus their attention on running their businesses opposed to spending many hours on the computer to try and figure out what they need to learn about web design.

This website development in Auckland company strives to make these processes as stress free as possible and work on attracting local customers in the most cost effective and affordable way possible. They work on all the aspects involved in the web-design project which includes not only the design of a website but also SEO and writing the web copy.

Geek Free make use of specific strategies and offer a guarantee to businesses that if their website has not paid for itself in a period of 12 months they will buy it back. This offers a complete refund on the website build. They conduct their business in the way of understanding every business as well as the goals for the business. Their content strategists, web developers and graphic designers are able to build websites that are guaranteed to generate more local and international business.

The Process

The focus of this website development in Auckland company is to develop websites that meet up to the requirements of each individual online business. This means that the website will not only look great but will be easy to navigate and a simple task to up-date content in order to generate more results.

Before starting on a website design a road-mapping session is undertaken. This conversation is based on pointing out the opportunities available to the business in the current market place as well as for Geek Free to gain an understanding of the objectives and goals of each client.

After the road-mapping session, these website development in Auckland specialists conduct the necessary research and prepare a proposal in writing for the client. They then schedule another meeting with the business to outline design options available and the functionality available for the business. This offers the client a way to make an informed decision on the best way forward. Once the proposal has been accepted then Geek Free will go ahead with the design process

Website Features

  • Responsive

A website design that is responsive is designed to adjust as well as display well on other devices such as tablets and Smartphone’s.

  • User Friendly

Websites are designed in such a way that they are user-friendly for the business to manage and up-date as well as easy to navigate for visitors to the website.

  • Social Media

The integration of social media benefits means that anyone can share the message about the business on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and others.

Future Proofed\

Sites are built with the use of WordPress that provides a way for cost-effective upgrades for the most up to date systems and software that saves the business both money and time.

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